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The DIAMOND PICTURES Company was founded in 1998. The main characteristics of the company is making erotic films.

The headquarter is in Hungary. It’s well known, it is one of the main porno film centres in Europe. The reason is very simple. In this little country of Centre-East-Europe, the guys and the girls in the age of twenties have so good physical abilities in general. As you can see in our homepage, the Hungarian model guys are very photogen, have beautiful face and have quite well physical condition. This possibility of having the great Hungarian models) gives the chance to DIAMOND PICTURES to become a partner of world-wide porno film makers and distributors, like Pacific Sun, Falcon Studios, Matt Sterling, Claire Production,Private Man,Men Size

We can show up new faces film-by-film, the faces you haven’t seen before in any video. Some of our models are exclusives, so he only works for our company. It was always very important for us to reach the highest quality for our films. Our ambition is to have glamorous locations in our videos, so the customer will be pleased by this. We only choose the most talented models to appear in the films and the persons in the staff are very gifted as well. We have much positive criticism about our work, so the company’s desire is to go on this was.

One more fact to prove why film companies choose DIAMOND PICTURES or any other similar production enterprise. In the early ‘90s, the boarders of Hungary became open like never before (in business meaning), because of the political changes. The great film studios of Hollywood also made several film in this little country – ex. Evita, Red Heat, Sunshine etc. Hungary has good infrastructure. The last strong reason for making a film in Hungary is the budget – in general, it’s cheaper than the American or EU locations.

The DIAMOND PICTURES has made several hardcore films, but the company is open for new orders, too. Naturally, making films is not the only one activity of the corporation. You can find the company models’ in world-wide magazines (100% Trixx, Euro Lords, Station Males, Cock, Fresh, Freshman, Querel, All Men, Honcho, Top-so), calendars, greeting cards, albums.


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