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Directed by Csaba Borbély Eugene for Blue Lagoon Entertainment, this film features the very popular and ultra-sexy Mangiatti twins, Fernando and Fabrizio, imported from Hungary! The plot has them captive in a desolate Eastern European police headquarters, accused of plotting a terrorist attack against the station! The inflated accusations come from the 'proof' of fantastically edited, well-lit and gorgeously directed security cam tapes featuring the twins and their co-conspirators having sex with each other that they're now compelled to view. Evan Rochelle guards one twin and Paolo Ramatti guards the other while the proof is unfolded.

First, Evan plays a tape of Kevin Cage topping Mario McCabe on the floor of an empty office. Then Kevin plays a tape of Austin Rogers topping Glen Santoro in a secluded hallway. Next, Evan plays a tape of the twins taking turns topping Gianni Nascimento on a rarely used stairwell. After watching, Paulo tops Evan while one twin watches helplessly. When the two captors cum, the twin grabs the gun on the table, and the tables are turned! Paolo gets locked in the office across the hallway while the twins take turns topping Evan! During all of this, Julian Vincenzo and Allan Parkers jerk off separately in the catacombs of the Hall of Records stacks. Finally, the whole exercise is revealed to be a prank created by the officers!

Gianni Nascimento
Glenn Santoro
Kevin Cage
Evan Rochelle
Fabrizio Mangiatti
Fernando Mangiatti
Allan Parkers
Mario McCabe
Austin Rogers
Julien Veneziano
Paolo Ramatti

Kevin Cage - Mario McCabe
Austin Rogers - Glenn Santoro
Fabrizio Mangiatti - Fernando Mangiatti - Gianni Nascimento
Evan Rochelle - Paolo Ramatti - Allan Parkers - Julien Veneziano
Fabrizio Mangiatti - Fernando Mangiatti - Evan Rochelle
Allan Parkers - Julien Veneziano ds - 190 Photos
Austin Rogers - Glenn Santoro ds - 150 Photos
Evan Rochelle - Paolo Ramatti ds - 300 Photos
Fabrizio and Fernando Mangiatti - Evan Rochelle ds - 270 Photos
Fabrizio and Fernando Mangiatti - Gianni Nascimento ds - 235 Photos
Kevin Cage - Mario McCabe ds -150 Photos

Allan Parkers and Julian Veneziano - 65 Photos
Allan Parkers ds a - 100 Photos
Allan Parkers ds b - 100 Photos
Austin Rogers and Glenn Santoro - 65 Photos
Austin Rogers ds a - 100 Photos
Austin Rogers ds b - 100 Photos
Evan Rochelle and Paolo Ramatti - 65 Photos
Evan Rochelle ds - 170 Photos
Fabrizio Mangiatti ds a - 120 Photos
Fabrizio Mangiatti ds b - 120 Photos
Fernando Mangiatti ds a - 100 Photos
Fernando Mangiatti ds b - 100 Photos
Gianni Nascimento ds - 100 Photos
Julien Veneziano ds - 100 Photos
Mangiatti Twins - Gianni Nascimento ds - 30 Photos
Mangiatti Twins - Paolo Ramatti - Evan Rochelle - 55 Photos
Mangiatti Twins ds a - 65 Photos
Mangiatti Twins ds b - 65 Photos
Mario McCabe ds - 120 Photos
Paolo Ramatti ds a - 130 Photos
Paolo Ramatti ds b - 130 Photos
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