DIAMOND MINE (b)   100 Photos
DIAMOND MINE (b)   100 PhotosDIAMOND MINE (b)   100 PhotosDIAMOND MINE (b)   100 PhotosDIAMOND MINE (b)   100 Photos


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In 2001 the adult industry was blown away by the debut of the Hungarian hunk Randy Jones. Bald head, muscular body, and a big solid cock were the first things everyone noticed about this up-and-coming star. But his on screen performances and immediate adoration from fans were what kept this stud in the industry, along with his versatility on set. Randy is a gay porn star, but is also completely comfortable performing in bi-sexual scenes, opening him up to an entirely new audience. He has also been known to perform in the taboo, but highly sensationalized act of bareback sex, widening his audience even further.

Over the course of his career Randy has appeared in close to 60 films, showcasing his physique and luring in fans with his eager performances. He has worked with studios such as Mile High, Fresh SX, High Octane, and US Male. His turn-ons are, of course, tight young asses, as can be seen as he tops one after another in films like "Skinhead Cum Clinic" from US Male, and "Internet Sex" from Private Man. When Randy is not working he enjoys body building, maintaining his muscular physique. He also loves to travel, visiting his favorite cities, New York and Berlin. When this muscle hunk sits down to his favorite meal it's pasta that fills his plate, and a Vodka Tonic that washes it all down. And for those of you that would like to cuddle up with Randy for a good movie... be prepared to watch his all time favorite, "The Matrix."