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Federico Johnson has worked with adult movie studios including Bluelagoon Entertainment, Clair Production, and All Worlds Video. He is extremely talented and has performed in films which involve 27 categories ranging from outdoor scenes to contemporary stories.

Federico has worked with a number of stars including Shane Rage, Tamas Eszterhazy and Julian Vincenzo. Of all of his costars, you can find Mr. Federico Johnson on camera most frequently with Lucio Maverick. The pair has been in 10 videos together. Their most recent joint effort, The Gladiators Part 1, became available in 2011 by Diamond Pictures. The collection of videos in which they are featured together also includes Passions of War Part 1: Honor (Bluelagoon Entertainment), Passions Of War 1 (All Worlds Video), and Men Force - Loaded Guns (Diamond Pictures).

The list of videos in which Mr. Johnson is featured contains Men Force 1, Temptation At The Baths - Pharaoh's Bathhouse Fantasies and Ecole Militaire. The majority of his videos are part of a series. The list of film series in which Federico Johnson has acted includes Diamond's Military Men - Ready, Willing & Able, Diamond's Cops and The Gladiators.


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